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Last week, I had the pleasure of giving a talk at the Speaker Salon showcase, held at the Triad Theatre in New York City. The experience was magical and transformative, not only for myself, but for the many people in the audience who shared their reactions with me afterwards. I spoke of being sexually molested by several men as a child, and how I survived due to my having a KNOWING that they could touch my body, but not my soul. It took a lot of courage to share this very personal story, but it was important to convey the greater message that we are Divine Beings here for a greater purpose, and must never let ourselves be defined by our traumas.

To speak and share to the level I did would not have been possible had I not first gotten still. The one thing we all share is a sincere desire for more - be it peace, love, abundance, self expression or whatever it may be for you. Usually, we go about trying to figure out how we can make this happen in an outer way. But, after being brought to my knees over and over again this past year, it became crystal clear that I needed to go deeper into stillness, where I could discover what would be for my highest good, and the good of those I'm here to serve. This meant saying "no, thank you" to a lot of people, projects, social media, and even a decrease in my writing to you.

Everything we need to know and do is found in stillness. It's the ultimate act of surrender, and requires large doses of faith and trust. By giving up the need to know "how," we're able to partner with Divine Intelligence. This is the path to having our desires show up in the most delicious, unexpected and miraculous ways. Projects that have been stalled for years start coming into fruition, exciting opportunities present themselves like never before!

(Stay tuned for more juicy news!) I attribute all this to a new way of being.

If there's some place in your life you could use a miracle, I invite you to go into stillness and surrender whatever you are wishing or hoping for. Leave it there for as long as it takes. My sense is you've been trying to figure out what to do for a while, and so far, nothing's working. Next, pay attention to the subtle messages you receive - where to go, who to call, how to get support - these will feel right and light in your body. Act on the suggestions you receive. These will be out of your comfort zone, and feel down right scary, but do them anyway. The reward is priceless!

 Just before taking the stage, I experienced what felt like a full-on panic attack! I knew that in the audience were influencers, producers and people who could take me, as well as the other speakers, to the next level as a speaker, and my desire was to give an amazing talk that would transform lives. The power of stillness had my back, and I was able to deliver an outstanding presentation that achieved my intention.

I trust you will allow the mystical workings of stillness to do the same for you! How can you make stillness a priority? If you've read something that inspired you to do something different, would love to hear!

Love and Miracles!

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