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About Keiya Rayne
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I  A M  A  S E E R  A N D  G U I D E 

helping women achieve greater

Freedom, Success, and Fulfillment

I have been helping women who are struggling to break through to the next level of their evolution
and thrive in the full spectrum of their existence for over 10 years.


I know what she’s going through because I have been there.


I help her zero-in on exactly where she is blocked, so she can live in joy and ease,
effortlessly manifest her dreams.
(In fact, Victor calls me “Hawk” because of my hawk - like
ability to spot things other people can’t see.)


And I stand back proudly as she steps into the fullness of her radiant presence
and unshakable, unstoppable self-trust.


I am beyond honored to work with every one of my clients, and nothing will bring me more joy
than to support you on this miraculous journey. 


I’m an intuitive, joyful, entrepreneurial, freedom-seeking,
world traveling, visionary, yoga - loving, adventure - taking,

ever - evolving spirit and healer
who’s ecstatically married to my soul mate.


As a child, I was sexually molested by three generations of men.

The physical and mental abuse left me with a lack of self-confidence,

low self-esteem and feelings of hopelessness.


As a young woman on my own in New York City, life became unbearable

as I toiled for years in jobs that were incredibly unfulfilling. To make matters worse, I was in and out of countless heart - breaking relationships where I was always the one getting dumped.


But instead of looking for answers within,

I created distractions and kept myself constantly busy to keep from connecting to the truth.

The turning point


20 years ago, after attempting suicide, I was lying on my bathroom floor at 3 a.m.
in a flood of tears. asking God, “WHY ME?” Sudde
nly, I heard a very subtle voice say,


I  D I D  A S  I  W A S  T O L D
and immediately, I felt a profound sense of peace come over me.    

In that very moment, I knew my life had changed.

I realized that I was here for a greater purpose. And thus began the most extraordinary journey
of self-discovery, healing and divine connection to source.

I read every book about spirituality and energy I could get my hands on.
As my long-untapped gifts and abilities as an intuitive-healer and teacher emerged,
I became much more intentional in every thought, word and action.


As I applied my new skills and knowledge in my day-to-day life, I became healthier and happier.
Along the way,
I attracted the love of my life Victor, easily and effortlessly.


I now credit my mental, physical and sexual abuse as the training ground that developed
my mastery in helping others transcend their life challenges.



I AM HAVING   the time of my life!


"Each and every coaching session brought a new “ah-ha” moment
and allowed me to truly appreciate and 
experience success professionally, personally and financially.


Not only have I been able to find the clarity that was eluding me, but as
this transformation happened within me, it also happened around me. 
With Keiya’s guidance and support,
I am creating the life of my dreams
in every way. Working with her has been a blessing and one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

J. G., IL, Regional Director,
Higher Education Specialist


As a co-founding member of “Medical Wings,”
I continued my work providing empowerment and medical aid to isolated regions of the world.

I received a
“United States President’s Volunteering Award”
for my relief work during 911.

I became a
Certified Law of Attraction Coach, a Licensed Minister of the Universal Church,
Certified Bach Flower Essence Practitioner and a Licensed Massage Therapist

I also became a
graduate of the Speaker Salon in New York City.

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