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"Prior to working with Keiya, I was stuck in an unfulfilling marriage for six years. I found myself at a crossroads in my life with no direction, struggling with a burning desire to experience and express the truth of who I was. I was working in a passionless job that I felt destined to stay at for the rest of my life. My self-confidence and self-worth was pretty low. In the meantime, I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks due to the death of my mother. 


Through working with Keiya, my entire life has transformed for the best! I was able to free myself from an unhealthy marriage, release the anxiety and panic attacks. My self-worth and self-confidence skyrocketed! She was able to see a vision for me that I couldn’t see it for myself.. The icing on the cake is being in the healthiest, most mature and loving relationship experience of my life, EVER!  


 Keiya is truly a gift from God!"

Tessica Sizemore
Atlanta, GA

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