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Being Taught to Form a Line is the Greatest Gift We Can Ever Receive

Keiya Rayne | TEDxFarmingdale

Keiya Rayne - Speaker Salon
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What people are saying about Keiya's speaking engagements

Keiya is a dynamic speaker.  Her topic conversation at our Divine Feminine conference was motivating, energized, and inspirational!  The key points and concepts presented were extremely helpful to all that attended. We received incredible feedback of the take-aways from her session.  In gratitude for her amazing support and participation.

Paulina Lopez
CEO & Founder The Business of WE

Keiya is an engaging storyteller, inspirational and full of insights and wisdom to share!

Eileen Vaquilar President  
The Kiwi Chapter Of Long Island

Keiya is a dynamic, personable, stimulating and profound speaker!

Nicole Paul-Woodley
Co-Chair BE@TW, Warner Media Group
(Formerly Time Warner Inc)

Keiya’s presentation at the United Nations Commission on Status Of Women was inspiring, powerful, and insightful. The audience hung on to her every word and was moved by her personal story. She has an amazing gift to touch lives in a profound way with her message. 

Gordon Tapper
CEO Give Them A Hand Foundation/UN NGO

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