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This past week I had the distinct honor of speaking at the United Nations panel discussion on Empowering Women and Girls Preparing for Leadership, Politics, Economics, and Public Life in this Digital Age.

One of the many surprises was receiving a plague from the General Consul Of Turkey to the United Nations, but the highlight of the day was young women coming up to me and saying “how inspired” they felt and how “many notes they took”.

I soon realized I had been an activist for women’s empowerment since age five. My mom told me of a time when she and my dad fought; I bit him on the butt and threw bleach on him. Years later, as a teenager, I protected my younger sister from church elders who wanted to marry her off to the boy who had gotten her pregnant. I stood my ground and told them “NO,” even though I was often afraid to stand up for myself.

No surprise that for more than 15 years, I have been empowering women and girls to own their self-worth and power, realize their dreams, and feel fulfilled in all areas of their lives.

As women, not only do we matter as beings, but our desires and visions matter just as much.

Putting everyone else’s needs and dreams before our own is so easy. But what if that can change? How amazing would it be if this year’s International Women’s Month were the catalyst for taking ownership of becoming all you are destined to be?

So today, if you question whether there’s more for you to experience, be it in Love, Purpose, Creativity, Wealth, and Happiness, then I’m here to tell you YES! If your next question is: How? Then,

1. Let this post plant the seed that inspires you.

2. Invest in your growth. I wouldn’t be alive, speaking on an international stage, and doing my soul’s work if I didn’t invest in receiving support to grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

My invitation for you as we connect to and invoke the energy of this Women’s International Month is to challenge all the limiting beliefs and stories that have kept you from prioritizing YOU and your dreams, then choose a different path.

If this resonates and you know without a doubt that it’s time for a change, then it’ll be my distinct honor to support you in owning your Brilliance, Magic, and Power.

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