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How to recognize your soul's lesson and learn from them

In the past few weeks, I’ve connected with many people who have been going through personal, emotional, and mental storms, myself included. For those of us who are self and spiritually aware, this can be an even more challenging time.

I decided to focus on finding a solution rather than focusing on the problem. My initial observation led me to discover that most people were experiencing repeated problems and challenges.

I then took my findings to God/Universe/Source and here’s what was revealed…

Repeated negative emotions, patterns, beliefs, experiences, and behaviors are the Soul Lessons we are here to learn, transcend, and let go of so that we can fully be at peace and create the success we desire.

What has been a recurring problem theme in your life?

Finding true love

Being at peace

Connecting with your Soul’s Purpose and Mission


Starting a business


Fill in the blank________________

If finding true love has been a challenge for you, the Soul Lesson is in genuinely learning to love and accept yourself, feel worthy, have patience, and believe it’s possible.

Being at peace is an inside job. We look to the external world of people and circumstances to create that sense of serenity and security for us when the lesson here is connecting with the truth of who we really are.

Money — this one’s a biggie, and frankly deserves its own post because there are soooooo many lessons connected to it. It suffices to say that the three most important lessons (among many) are: 1. belief in self and our abilities, 2. belief in what’s possible and 3. trust in the Divine.

I’m a master at helping people believe in themselves and also supporting them in manifesting their dreams. Interestingly enough, it’s one of my biggest soul lessons as well.

As the saying goes, we teach what we need to learn.

Recognizing our soul lessons is extremely important as it supports us in getting to the core of our blocks and pains so that we can stop spinning our wheels and get on the path of healing, transforming, and manifesting.

This post would be incomplete if I didn’t share that because we are infinite beings, our soul lessons are never done. Not because God/Source is making it hard, but rather it's through this portal that we become aligned with our most wise, powerful, brilliant and magical self. In the words of Abraham-Hicks, “we never get it done.”

If manifesting what you want and feeling at peace has been a challenge, I invite you to explore what lessons your soul is inviting you to learn. If you need support, I’m happy to help!

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