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Manifest your intentions with greater ease!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

As we bring 2021 to a close there’s no question that all of us are contemplating what we intend to manifest and create in the new year. Makes sense as it’s a time of new beginnings, and I’m sure many of us are so ready to experience a massive change, be it personally, spiritually, emotionally or financially. After coaching and working with clients for more than two decades, I’ve learned a thing or two along the way in the area of manifesting. Even so, let’s just say it’s one of those lessons that I’m still learning to master.

Many people struggle with manifesting because they get stuck in the how it’s going to happen. It never fails that when working with clients and uncovering something super-exciting for them to implement or create in their lives, their very next question (usually in the form of a perplexed look) is “how do I do that, Keiya?” Right away I know what they’re thinking, and then start guiding them to understand that the howis not up to them.

Their next look is usually one of relief, followed by a sigh and smile:-)

If you’ve been trying really hard to manifest your intentions but seeming not to be having much success, chances are you’ve been stuck on the how? Also, the other very important part of the equation is, are you ready to receive what you’re asking for? These are the two major blocks I’ve found that people experience in the manifestation process. This is usually when they seek my help.

The universe/God/source has ways of manifesting our desires in ways we can never possibly imagine, and I’m living proof of that. Leaving an abusive home, marrying my soul-mate, doing work that I absolutely love by empowering women to heal, master their energy and mindset to create a life, relationship and calling they absolutely love — and all of it unfolded in ways I least expected.

So today I invite you to take the path of least resistance on your quest to manifest with greater ease. Trust that the how is not up to you. Declare your intentions, take action on the inspired ideas, opportunities and people that show up, release all attachments to the outcome, get excited and let the how work its magic.


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