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How to live with EASE and MANIFEST your DREAMS...

There's no question that we all desire to experience more ease and manifest our dreams. For many of us it's been an ongoing pursuit, and will continue to be. How awesome would it be if you had a process to help you along the way?

This coming September 7th, I'll be presenting a talk at TEDx Farmingdale (along with 27 other extraordinary speakers). Not only will I be live on stage at the 800-seat Farmingdale High School auditorium in Farmingdale (Long Island), NY, but the talk will also be featured on the TEDx channel on YouTube. Now, this is extremely exciting, and a divine opportunity, but it's also a tad-bit nerve wrecking!

When I received the news about being chosen, I knew that the only way to move through this process effectively and joyfully, was with ease. Interestingly enough, months before this took place, I was guided to create a four-step formula to help me embody this ease-energy. I credit this formula for assisting me in attracting the TEDx opportunity, being mentored by award winning director and producer Tricia Brouk, and also my newly-aligned website designed by Transformational Designer extraordinaire, Dorothy Burlakowska, and so much more!

Today, I'm super-excited to share this formula with you, so you, too, can live with greater ease and manifest your dreams. First, it's very important to know that everything is energy, and you must be at the same frequency as what you are seeking to attract. One of the best ways to connect to that frequency is through a daily practice of meditation.

Live with Ease and Manifest your dreams four-step formula:

E = Expect Miracles! Shift your thoughts from wishing, worrying and stressing to expecting. By doing so, you'll become a crystal clear channel for manifesting your dreams. The more you expect miracles, the more you'll receive them. It's universal law!

A = Allow your desires to come to you. Most of us are challenged when it comes to allowing. There are many reasons for this. What I've found is often times we don't feel worthy, which keeps us stuck in the energy of desperation and fear.

S = Surrender to the universe. While this is easier said than done, when step one is in place, surrendering your intentions and desire becomes effortless. Let Go and Let Source work its magic!

E = Enjoy the process! Manifesting our dreams requires the courage to venture into the unknown. And with good reason, because our limited self- identity wants to stay safe, and will create all sorts of chaos in an attempt to keep us where we are. By learning to enjoy the process, any setbacks or challenges can be met with compassion, care, understanding and joy.

I'd love to hear how putting this four-step formula into practice works for you! Make a commitment today, that no matter what, you're going to live with E.A.S.E., and let me know how it goes.

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