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How to become a magnet to your desires...

What do you desire most?

1. Peace of mind and Happiness

2. Meet your soul mate

3. Money

4. Ideal body and health

5. Sing, act, write a book

6. Fulfill your soul's purpose

7. Have a baby

8. Success beyond your wildest dreams..

Like you, I desire everything listed above and more. Some I'm thrilled to say I've manifested and others, working on them...

One of the most masterful ways of becoming a magnet to your desires is by letting them go.

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? There's a saying, "If you want to receive it, be willing to release it" While it is easier said than done, embracing this new practice can be a life changer for the best.

Letting go doesn't mean you don't care. You are simply releasing the energy of neediness and desperation around your desire so that it can manifest itself in the easiest and most joyful way that will serve your highest good.

How fabulous would it feel to attract what you want without struggle? I can hear your resounding YES!

Well, you can, by releasing the stronghold that you have on your desires. Yes, there'll always be action to taken; however, your actions will come from a place of clarity and ease instead of neediness, desperation and fear. Can you feel the difference? Something miraculous happens when you let go. Detachment allows you to take a break and relax about the situation.

The days of working hard to "make things happen" is of the past. Out of fear you hold on to what you know instead of creating space for something new. Your life then become one of continuous frustration and struggle and that my friend, is not how you are destined to live. You were created to thrive abundantly!

Three disciplines to becoming a powerful MAGNET to your desires now!

1. Your desires are energy, to attract them you have to match them.

Whether you understand it or not, you are first and foremost energy and so are your desires. So, the only way to experience them in your life is: you have to be a match (magnet) to them. For many of you this step may be the breakthrough you've been seeking. Commit to developing this wisdom. It will open you up to a whole new glories life!

2. Practice makes perfect.

Practice the universal Law Of Detachment (letting go) whenever you feel lack, fear, worry and desperation know that you are literally blocking and pushing your dreams away.

3. Get creative at chilling out. Find something else to focus your attention on. Preferably something fun that brings you JOY! This will raise your vibration and make you more attractive to all good things.

Looking forward to hearing about your progress.. To you outrageous success!

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