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Abundance is available to all, not just some...

This past weekend, my love Victor and I were visiting the gorgeous grounds at Bayard Cutting Aboretum in Great River, NY. After our tour we decided to indulge in a wonderful afternoon brunch at the manor.

As the maître d sat us down, he informed us that is not uncommon to see a flutter of butterflies. He went on to say that now he’d given us head-ups, it may not happen.

What he didn’t know is that butterflies are one of my animal totems, and there was no way they wouldn’t show up.

Sure enough, within a few minutes they started coming around!

I was reminded how abundance is readily available when we open our hearts and mind to receive it.

In these troubling and challenging times, it can be easy to forget, or believe it’s available only for the chosen few. These are the moments when we need to boost our faith and trust in the universal law of prosperity even more.

One of my all time favorite bible verses says, “Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them” —Matthew 13:12.

I also appreciate the saying, “money goes to money,” and keep it on mental speed dial.

The key to experiencing abundance regularly in our daily lives is taking ownership of our desires long before it shows up in the physical.

This level of knowing is powerful, magnetic and miraculous, and goes way beyond being grateful.

It doesn’t matter what you’re calling forth, be it butterflies, your life-partner, your soul’s purpose, health, money or joy. Take a stance that whenever you ask, it is given, and abundance will become your norm.

To activate the energy of abundance this week, practice replacing “I don’t have” with “I have,”and, as the saying goes, more will be given unto you.

Implement your practice this week with greater ease! Listen to my podcast Leverage the Power Of Energy, Courage Up with Ming Shelby HERE!

Excited to hear how it goes!

To your outrageous wealth, health, happiness and success.

Love, Keiya

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