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The Election - A Powerful Lesson in the Law of Attraction!

Like many, I was in shock about the election results. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.. What the hell happened? After staring in space for a few hours feeling numb, I knew that being able to seek the truth was the only thing that would set me free.

Before I dive in, please note that this is not about politics. But, I'm thrilled to share with you what was revealed to me and trust that it will change your perspective and set you free as well:-)

The law of Attraction and Universal Laws are absolute! The President-elect, knowingly or unknowingly, tapped into something really magical -- and that is the Law Of Attraction. The LOA isn't about hoping and wishing for what you want to show up in your life, neither is it concerned with whether you are a good or bad person. Those are simply points of view that we hold about ourselves and each other.

At every moment in time the Law of Attraction is ever only concerned with the dominant beliefs and vibration we're offering about ourselves or our situation (not what you say or what you do). It's working all the time whether we realize it or not. Mr. Trump was never split or doubtful in his belief about being a winner, about the way things always work out for him, or whether he's the best. He knows that even when he's lost all his money that he would make it back again.

A while back, I watched him being interviewed by a reporter who asked him about what he'd lost. His response was, "I don't focus on or talk about my losses". When I heard that I thought, "Wow! He's really tapped into the power of focusing his energy on what he wants, and not what he doesn't. With that strong a signal to the universe, there's absolutely nothing one cannot be, do or have. The universe, in its perfection, will always respond accordingly: you get what you absolutely believe and focus on.

How often have you found yourself excited about something you desire to manifest, then all of a sudden the self-doubt, sense of unworthiness, reasons why you can't and worries about what people are going to think about you burst your bubble. These limiting, debilitating, split-energy beliefs cloud your vibration and weaken your signal. So much so that pursuing your ideal relationship, starting a new career or business, following through on money generating ideas or manifesting your ideal health is now filled with struggle, disappointment and pain, which, in the end cause your dreams to fall by the way side.

Despite how you may feel about the outcome of the election, today I invite you to open your mind and embrace the powerful Law of Attraction lesson offered by this experience, and discover how you can use it to better your life. This revelation brought me an incredible sense of relief that allowed me to let go of my shock and disappointment. Better yet, it helped me release pent-up negative energy, and allowed me to send out stronger, unfiltered signals about who I truly am, and what I know I am capable of manifesting. If the highest position in the world can be manifested by using the Law of Attraction, there's no telling what it can do for you!

I deeply believe in the power of attraction, and the extraordinary role it plays in our lives. Everyday I'm experiencing more evidence of this phenomenon, and the election was another example of how real it is. That is why I was guided to become an Attraction Energy Coach in the first place, and teach my clients how to apply it in their lives. When you understand the amazing beauty of this power, it really makes life more joyful and easier to navigate. That is my highest desire for you:-)

Would love to hear your take-away!

To your outrageous happiness and success!

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