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Are you focused on solving problems or finding solutions?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

While problem solving and solution finding may seem very similar, energetically they’re quite different. One will keep you stuck and frustrated, while the other has the power to set you free.

Like many of you I too found myself caught in this cycle. Every time I thought I had worked through something, another thing would show up that needed to be figured out. In the words of Abraham-Hicks, “we never get it done”, but it baffled me as to why after many years of therapy and doing this or that thing, at the core I was still struggling so much. Frankly,it became exhausting and I wasn’t enjoying my life. It dawned on me that if I was going to experience a massive breakthrough, something drastically needed to change.

Now, I’m a big fan of therapy and will be on the couch in minute. However, I’ve found for myself and for the many amazing people that seek out my work, therapy tends to focus on solving problems of the past. This reminds me of the scripture that says “seek and ye shall find,” so it makes sense that if we focus on solving problems, we’ll keep finding more to solve.

I wish I could say things were different right away, but something spectacular did happen — making the decision to change was the magic bullet. One day as I sat in meditation, a voice said to me “all the answers you’re seeking are inside of you, nothing and none else can do it for you.” I felt a visceral shift in my body as it became crystal clear that the universe truly wants me to have an abundant life, and I must shift my focus away from the low vibration of solving problems to the high vibration of finding soul-utions.

Through this experience I deepened my connection to spirit and became more patient, discerning, trusting of my inner compass, feeling lighter and really started enjoying life. It even transformed the way I coached my clients, whenever I sensed them locked into wanting to solve a problem, I immediately asked them to choose to change their situation, and this automatically shifted their attention towards manifesting what I call soul-utions.

Soul-ution comes from deep within where our true power, guidance and resources reside. It requires an investment of patience, higher awareness, and an unwavering trust of self and the universe. This way of being raises your vibration to attract the ideal people, circumstances and situations that will support you along your path. You’ll operate from the place of what one of my favorite authors, Stuart Wilde calls “Silent Power.”

This earth-school is divinely set up for us to evolve and expand, and problems (some more challenging than others) are a natural part of the journey. The trick is to recognize when we are caught in a cycle of problem solving verses allowing ourselves to align with soul-utions.

At the end of the day, with all of life’s up and downs God/Source intended for us to have a wildly divine, delicious and prosperous life. A sure path to experiencing all this goodness is to become conscious of where we place our focus. It is true that wherever attention goes, energy flows, therefore we must choose wisely. Our freedom depends on it!

Put this mindset and energy shift into practice and let me know how it goes!

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