• Keiya K. Rayne

Practice a little spiritual selfishness

I don’t know anyone who was ever taught that being selfish was a good thing. Seeing that I don’t know everyone in the world, maybe you do. On the journey to realizing my dreams, and those of my clients, I’ve discovered that unless you are selfish with your time, energy and attention your divine desires will remain right where they are, in your dreams…

If you take an inventory of where your energy goes on a daily basis, chances are you’ll find that its being invested in the lives, dreams, and plans of everyone else instead of yours. With what’s left over you attempt to put into you, by then you are drained, depleted and exhausted. Another day goes by with your dreams put on the back burner. Besides your desires being shelved, you’ll find that you are frustrated, angry and resentful at your family job and circumstances that you perceive to be the cause of you not moving forward. However, in truth they are innocent bystanders in the creation of your movie. (If you have no dreams or aspirations, other than surviving, then this of course does not apply to you.)

Being spiritually selfish requires a great deal of courage. When you decide to withdraw from being overly involved other people’s lives (which can be a great source energy drainage), it will seem to them like you don’t care. Being selfish also requires you to withdraw from self-sabotaging patterns and behaviors like over-shopping, overeating and over-drinking to name a few. If you have ever taken up the path of spiritual selfishness, I’m sure you can attest to how challenging the guilt, doubts, what others will say and think of you, along with the sadness and loneliness that comes along with it, can be.

However, on the flip side, you will free up an unimaginable amount energy and space in your life. This will allow you to deeply connect with YOU and your soul’s desires like never before. All of a sudden, ideas, inspiration and joy will find their way into your heart, and the right and perfect way for you to create balance will be revealed.

“Spiritual selfishness” as I call it, is the ultimate act of self love. This is not an act of your ego or to withdraw from others to prove a point. Its simply a way of saying “I am making a conscious choice to uncover what makes my heart sing. What will make me come alive to experience my very best life?”

Eventually, a funny thing will happen – you’ll find that you are so much better equipped to support the very same people from a healthy, happy and grounded place. You’ll also be an inspiration to them because you will be an example of someone living or going after your dreams. Isn’t this what you truly desire anyway,  to live your most fabulous life while inspiring and supporting others to do the same? If this resonates with you, then try a little spiritual selfishness. It’ll take you a very long way.

Here are a few tips to get you started… Make time every day for some “spirit and me” time.Find someone who will support you in your endeavors. The bigger your dreams and aspirations, the more “spiritual selfishness “will be required. Remember you are partnering with the divine, so you will always be supported, guided and protected. Take action!

To your outrageous happiness and success!

Love & Miracles,



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  • Keiya Rayne
  • Keiya Rayne
  • Keiya Rayne
  • Keiya Rayne