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One word that'll change your life...

I'm always amazed by the workings of the universe. Its order and simplicity can seem so hard to wrap our minds around, but when we get it, what a difference it makes.

A client of mine was celebrating a major success she had experienced. I asked her what had she contributed to her success, so she could repeat the process. (This is what's known as mastery.) She became aware that our work together had helped her exponentially shift her vibration and attraction frequency. The better you feel, the more aligned you are with what you want. The other reason was, drum roll please..... she said YES!

These two components are what magic is made of. The power of yes opens doors where there seem to be none. When you say YES, the powers that be go to work on your request. When you say NO, and worry about the how's and why you can't, you put up a block to accessing miracles.

Take a minute, close your eyes and say "YES", and notice the sensation in your body. Next, close your eyes and say "NO". What sensation do you feel this time? If you're willing to be honest, the yes felt light and the no felt heavy. Lightness is truth and heaviness is always a lie.

 Most of us get stuck because we want to be certain of the outcome. Our limited and finite minds do not have access to all the possibilities that exist. It's only by letting go of our need to be "in control" that we allow what needs to unfold for our highest good. But we have to give the universe permission (saying yes) to do so. The funny thing is, the universe supports whatever decision we make including our saying no.

Victor was torn between attending a workshop in Spain and spending Thanksgiving with his family this year. We had both been checking the event website for weeks, but the only workable date conflicted with the holiday. Finally, he said yes to attend the event because he felt it would support his spiritual journey. Then, just before we signed up, I happened to notice another event date two weeks after Thanksgiving -- and in US! Victor's saying yes, and honoring his soul's desire, created a way for him to do both!

If your soul is calling you to make a change, that call must be honored. Otherwise, you will continue to stew in your misery, frustration and pain as life passes you by. That's no way to live. In truth, you've lost enough already and have everything to gain! Say YES to your dreams and your soul's desires. Your health, your life and peace of mind depend on it!

Would love to hear your take- away from this post?

To your outrageous happiness and success!

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