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Master Your Energy - Master Your Life!

The other morning I woke up feeling a bit out of sorts. It was clear that my energy/vibe was a bit out of whack, and if I intended to not attract any chaos or drama later in the day, my first order of business was to manage and clear it up. By my doing so, the path was made clear to receive the guidance to create a very productive and prosperous day.

Our most powerful asset is our energy. Learning to harness, manage, leverage and direct this Divine gift is the greatest thing we can do for ourselves, because it impacts our lives on every level. Our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and feelings are all part of our energy. It's our essence and what leads our way.

Interestingly enough, the comment I hear most often when I first meet someone is "I love your Energy." Truth be told, this always puts a smile on face, because not only have I learned to use this force to create a more fulfilling life, it's what I teach and guide others to do as well.

I love what my client Jan says: "Keiya has given me the tools to ward off low- level negative energy and depression, like therapy never did (in my experience). I often felt like I was at the whim of wherever the wind blew. Now, I feel "UNSTOPPABLE."

When we master our energy, we become open, available and receptive to everything we need to fulfill our deepest desires - making us unstoppable!

As you move through the week, start observing yourself. What energies are you embodying and radiating? Are they lower energies of worry, doubt and fear? Or are they higher ones of tranquility, trust and ease? Awareness and attention are the first steps to harnessing this Divine power. I sense you'll also be surprised and delighted by the universe as you tap into this new aspect of yourself. I can't wait to hear!

Know that this is just the beginning. I look forward to us diving deeper into this profound subject in the coming weeks.

Ready to Transform and Master your energy? Let's connect HERE and find out how.

Massive love and blessings, Keiya

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