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Are you trusting your vibes?

How often have you received an idea, felt guided to do or say something only to ignore it and later on wish you had listened? Or, you did act on that idea, made that call, took that action and something miraculous happened?

Our intuition, that subtle voice or feeling is the way the universe communicates to us. It’s an incredible gift bestowed upon us as spiritual human beings.

Years ago, while attending massage school in Ithaca, NY I had the honor of meeting Yolanda King, Dr. Martin Luther King’s daughter. Not only did I meet her, she requested that I give her a massage. Needing to build my hours it was the perfect set up! While massaging her, I started receiving messages for her from Dr. King. As Yolanda was a very highly sensitive, spiritually in-tuned person, she sensed something was going on, and wanted to know what it was…. But, because I didn’t trust my inner knowing and the information I received, I never gave her the messages. She insisted that we stay in touch and we both went our separate ways.

Fast forward about three years later, I received multiple nudges in the form a subtle voice saying to “call Yolanda”, and of course I came up with all the reasons why I couldn’t. “She wouldn’t remember me”, “its been three years”, “she’s a very busy woman”. Within a week of ignoring my nudges I received word that she had passed away from a heart attack. Needless to say I was a mess, and made the decision to always trust and honor what I receive from spirit. The information I was to give to Yolanda from her father was indeed confirmed years later through a series of events.

Today I ask you, what nudges are you receiving from the universe that you’re ignoring?

This can make the difference between living a life filled with wonder, divine guidance and trust, or one filled with fear, confusion and disappointment. I share this story because this experience completely changed the course of my life, thankfully for the better.

So often we hesitate on taking action on our vibes, because we want to be sure we know how things are going to turn out, or we worry about how we’re going to be received or perceived by others. If that’s you, my friend, you’re going to be waiting for a very long time, and not fully living the life you’re destined to.

It’s not our place to know the What, How and When of our inner guidance, our work is simply to act on it. When we trust our vibes and take action, we set ourselves up to experience the magic and miracles of life. When we don’t trust them by coming up with all kinds of reasons why we “can’t”, we create huge blocks to receiving the very things we’re asking for, and in my case with Yolanda, a deep sense of regret I don’t ever wish on anyone.

Trusting our vibes takes practice, practice, practice. One of the foundational pieces of working with my clients is teaching them how to listen to and trust their inner guidance. When you trust this knowing, a new world of possibility opens up. This also makes you magnetic, drawing the right people, circumstance and situations to help you along your path. But you must listen, and act!

Here are a few steps to get you started:

1. Act on your inner guidance, no matter how small. Truth feels light and a lie feels heavy, this is how you can tell the difference. By doing so you’ll start to build confidence in your knowing. 2. Make a note of every time you trusted your vibe and the evidence you received from doing so. 3. You must slow down the mind and decrease distraction. The voice of spirit is subtle, and in our busy every day life, its easy to dismiss the messages we receive on a regular basis. How extraordinary are we to be blessed with the magnificent gift of our inner knowing?

Would LOVE to hear your take-away from this post!

To your outrageous success and happiness!

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