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Love from the other side...

A few days ago while coming out of meditation, I felt the presence of my mom and dad, both of whom are no longer in the physical. As I sat there connecting with their energies, a deep sense of warmth came over me and made me smile. I thanked them for their presence and went on with my day.

However, I couldn’t shake the idea that I needed to share this exchange with others who may be missing their loved ones and wanting to know if they’re ok.

While, I don’t call myself a medium, I’ve had my share of channeling and connecting with people on the other side, from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr imparting words of wisdom to his daughter, my father coming to me the morning of his passing to say he was leaving, to countless other mediumship experiences that came through when they were needed.

Recently, while giving an account of several of these experiences in an interview, it was clear that the overall theme from those that has passed on was one of pure, unconditional peace and love.

So if you find yourself grappling with the loss and grief of a loved one, I’d like to offer you three steps to getting on the path to finding some relief and making a connection with them a reality.

  1. Desire: While this may sound like a no-brainer, there are many who are unable to enter into this space because they don’t believe it’s possible. However, with a slight shift in perspective, this can be changed. Charge your desire by declaring how open and willing you are to start receiving messages from your guides, spirit and loved ones from the other side.

  2. Practice stillness: To connect with a higher realm we need to come into alignment with it, and one of the easiest ways to do so is by getting still. This doesn’t necessarily mean your loved one will come through during this time, but it’s a way to start training your vibration to meet them where they are, as we in the physical exist in a more dense dimension.

  3. Trust: There must be unwavering faith, trust and patience in your request. You practice this most important step by honoring the universal principle that whenever you ask, it is given, be it from the universe or from your loved one reaching out. Set your intention without any doubt, reservation or conditions and sooner or later, they’ll make their presence known.

On my second date with Victor my deceased father’s presence came through so strongly that I said to Victor “my father is here.” I immediately recognized this was his way of letting me know he had approved, as we had a very close bond and I know he wanted me to be with someone special.

This is just one of the many ways that I’ve personally experienced the gift of love from the other side, and it’s my sincere intention to inspire you with the hopes of experiencing the same.

With eternal love from the other side…..

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