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How to TRUST your INTUITION...

One of the greatest gifts bestowed upon us as human beings is our intuition, that internal GPS or inner guidance. When this part of our being is developed, it has the ability to guide us in ways beyond our wildest dreams.

Trusting our intuition can, at times, make no sense to us or those around us. It's a deep sense of knowing that we must do something, although we don't have the slightest reason why, or how it will turn out. Intuition is the language of spirit, our soul guiding us to set us free.

What blocks most of us from making full use of this divine gift are our fears. We tend to have more trust in our fears than in our intuition. These blocks show up in the form of not making the decision to follow through on guidance, inner nudges. We buy into our stories of "I can't", "I don't see how", "It's not the right time" or "maybe it's not for me" No judgment here, I was the queen of them all.

In a coaching call with one of my powerhouse clients, we did an entire session on clearing blocks to her manifesting money. Interestingly enough, when this woman was guided to work with me, one of her biggest challenges was, you guessed it, money. She choose to trust her intuition to receive mentoring, support and guidance - the very thing she needed to help her move past her limiting beliefs and mindset so she could learn how to be in alignment with money, and begin to attract it. We both laughed so hard when I said to her, "if someone had told you this is how you were going to break free from your money struggles, you would've never believed them!"

The universe really does have our back, and wants us to win. That's why whenever we ask, we always receive. But because the it doesn't show up in the way we think it should, we often miss the blessing. As crazy as this may sound, the help often times comes in the form of a challenge. Overcoming that very challenge is what enables you to move to the next level of your evolution and transform your life.

 Learning to trust your intuition takes practice and action on what you receive, no matter how scary it may appear to be. You'll find that the more that you do it, the better you'll get at it.

Your inner guidance (intuition) speaks to you through your feelings, not the mind. The mind looks for answers, but only has access to what it already knows. Your intuition, on the other hand, has access to limitless solutions and the truth.

While there are countless ways to tap into your knowing, one of the easiest ways is to connect with it through your body.

Think of someone you deeply dislike or even hate. Does that feel heavy and contracted or light and expansive? Now think of some you love. Does that feel light and expansive or heavy and contracted? Chances are, the word "hate" felt heavy and contracted, and the word "love" felt light and expansive. Another great example I love to use is this: say to yourself "I can't afford that," then say "how can I afford that?" I'm sure the "how can I" felt lighter.

I'll let you in on a big secret: that's all the opening you need for the universe to get working on your desire.

The next time you find yourself doubting what you need to do, take a few minutes, get quiet and ask "is this truth, or is it a lie?" Our Intuition is truth, and will always lead us to our ultimate destiny and divine good, while fear is a lie, and will keep us stuck and hopeless every single time. The beauty and added benefit of trusting your intuition is, it can be used on everything! Victor and I enjoy using this tool when we're deciding if we want to eat at a particular restaurant or not. When we honor our guidance it always leads us to the best choice and when we don't, it can be disastrous!

What miracles you can create in your life if you start taking action on your intuitive guidance today?

Your intuition has magical healing powers, trust it!

To your outrageous happiness and success!

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