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How to recognize Divine Guidance...

Our higher self is always giving us the guidance we need…

The question is: Are we listening? ~Keiya K. Rayne

In my last post, I excitedly shared about the upcoming Single Women’s Relationship Miracle program. However, I couldn’t help but feel a heaviness in the energy around it. Yet, I decided to keep moving ahead. Finally, it got to a point where the weight felt so heavy I couldn’t continue promoting it, even if I wanted to.

My beloved soul-partner, Victor and I decided to muscle test and ask questions as to where the heaviness was coming from. Everything seemed to check out ok, until I asked about the date. Interestingly enough, my chosen date and several other pieces were not in alignment. I decided on another date and the energy immediately felt light.

It dawned on me that a few weeks prior I had been feeling a little off about the entire project, but felt I had put if off long enough and it was time to move forward. The “off” feelings were Divine Guidance giving me a heads up, but because I was focused on moving forward, I wasn’t listening.

How often have you felt in your gut that something was off, but discounted the feeling only to later realize your were being guided away from a major roadblock or towards an easier path?

As if that weren’t enough, I believe the universe wanted to make an even stronger point. I was scheduled to connect with a dear friend who’s a gifted astrologist, and thought, just for fun, I’d run the date by her. I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of astrology (topic for another post). However, I’m aware enough to know that we live in a multidimensional universe where everything and everyone is connected. I decided to give her my intended date before she shared her findings. We both couldn’t stop laughing when we discovered we had the same date. An undeniable confirmation of alignment and divine guidance. Our conversation took a delightful turn, bringing a few of the missing pieces together.

I share this with you today because no matter what you’re seeking to manifest, create or are going through, divine guidance is always readily available. It simply takes us getting out of our own way and allowing ourselves to trust and act upon the guidance/strong feelings we receive.

One of my favorite tools to tune into this guidance is to ask “does this feel light or heavy?”

When something feels light in your being, it’s the energy of truth and will serve your highest good as it leads you on the path of least resistance. When something feels heavy, it’s the complete opposite!

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Starting putting this simple tool into practice and let me know how it serves you! I’m sure it already has — you just probably hadn’t noticed :-)

With that, I’m over the moon to announce that the new launch date of the Single Women’s Relationship Miracle Program is July 14th!

Stay tuned for all the juicy details.

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