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How deep is your belief?

Do you ever want something so bad, that you feel as if you're going to go nuts if you don't get it?

That's the almighty power of desire. It's one of the greatest blessings that's been bestowed upon us. That burning inspiration to bring your ideas out into the world, attract your ideal partner, make more money, create the life of your dreams. You get all revved up and excited, but sometimes no matter how much you wish for it to happen, nothing seems to manifest.

I recently had a meltdown about something I really, really desire. It was time to have a heart-to-heart with the divine, because I've come to know that whenever we ask, it is always given. As I was communing with spirit through my morning pages, it was revealed to me that the reason why our desires are not showing up in a joyful, easy and fun way is that our level of belief does not match our level of desire. Well, you could've knocked me over with a feather!

For all of the seemingly millions of times that I have heard this said, especially from Esther Hicks who channels (Abraham), I finally GOT IT! That's really what the block is. We want it badly, but we don't believe with every fiber of our being that it is possible. There was nowhere for me to go, my only choice was to give in to the truth of this revelation. All of a sudden, memories of things that I had manifested, with what seemed like magic, flooded to me. The evidence was undeniable.. Like, when I lived in a Newark, NJ hotel room with four other flight attendants. During those two years I had a strong, consistent desire to get an apartment in New York City, and was determined to make this happen. Despite all the naysayers telling me how New York was too expensive, and you must have a bunch of roommates, I believed without a doubt that there was an apartment with my name on it (and my name alone). Well, that is exactly what I got - and the way it happened was indeed pure magic! Then the list just got longer and longer. I left an abusive home, and I manifested my soul mate, all because I absolutely believed that it was going to happen. And guess what? I had no idea how it would happen, I just knew that it would.

So, my dear, if today you've been desperately seeking your hearts desire, and it seems like nothing's shaking, start taking an honest look at the level of your belief. The trap that many of us fall into is that we really think we believe, when at the core we really don't. This lack of belief will mask itself in thoughts like "I not good enough", "I'm not ready", "I need to be certain", "It's not a good time" and "I can't afford it" - all the while your delicious inspiration slowly fades into doubt and despair that leaves you feeling hopeless. But when you believe, then the universe goes to work on your behalf, and in no time miracles start happening to deliver your good. However, Its important to remember that while the universe will do its part, you must also do yours by taking action when the opportunity arises.

The awareness of what the level of my desire was vs my level of belief brought me incredible relief, and I trust it will do the same for you. No longer did I have to bang my head against the wall wondering what was I doing wrong? By bringing my level of belief in alignment with my level of desire (a work in progress), some pretty cool stuff started unfolding... I am here to testify that it works!

Actions steps to deepen your belief!

1. Any desires that you're struggling with, put them on hold and go work on your belief about them happening. Save yourself from the madness...

2. Go back in your memory bank and look at all the things you've manifested, I guarantee you'll find that you absolutely believed they were possible. Use this as proof for when doubt tries to take you down.

 3. Keep an evidence journal of what happens when you stay in the energy of belief.

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Today's Mantra:

I believe in myself, I believe in divine power, I believe in my dreams.

To realizing your dreams!

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