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Embrace the powerful energy of 11:11

We have more help on the path to fulfilling our destiny than we can ever imagine

- Keiya K. Rayne

In 2004 while attending the Finger Lakes School Of Massage Therapy, I was introduced to the incredible energy of synchronicity and how the universe in all its brilliance is constantly giving us messages to guide us along our path.

One of the many ways this happens is through repeatedly seeing the same numbers sequence. For the longest time I would see the numbers 11:11 or 1:11, be it morning or night, and always thought it was kind of cool. However, I never paid much attention to this, except for noticing how good it felt. I was thrilled to learn about this phenomenon, as I’d always sensed there was more to this experience, though I didn’t know what it could be.

It is said that any time we specifically see the number 11:11, it’s a message from the universe that we’re on the right path and that we are protected, no matter what adversities we face. During this time, we must become masters of ourselves instead of succumbing to the negativity and chaos around us. Due to our lack of awareness, we literally have created our world without our conscious intent, and this is a reminder to reclaim our internal power and strive to learn to coexist with all beings on the planet.

Interestingly enough, I also found out that many healers, light workers and those who feel called to uplift the conscious of humanity will at some point start seeing these numbers more frequently, so it was no surprise that I became aware of this during massage school, which was a pivotal point in my spiritual, coaching and healing journey.

Whether you believe this or not, there’s no question that the insight offered is exactly what we we must work through to transform our lives on a personal and global level. While there are countless different meanings behind this number sequence, ultimately it’s whatever you feel aligned with and intend it to be.

So, take a pause today to embrace and engage the powerful energy of 11-11 through journaling, meditation and prayer. Ask that your highest good, and that of others be served. Trust that whenever you ask, it is given. And last, but definitely not least, make it fun!

Looking forward to hear how it goes!

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