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Discovering your purpose is easier than you think...

“Anything and everything you have experienced has been purposeful; it has brought you to where you are now." -Iyanla Vanzant

Our life’s #1 biggest question is, what is my purpose? Makes sense, because we all feel called in some small way or another to leave the world a better place than we found it. Ok, most of us. Yet, the search for the answer can be one of great disappointment and stress. I trust this post will bring you relief, clarity and hope in your quest to discover your purpose, whatever it may be.

An incredible young woman started working with me to guide her in discovering and fulfilling her purpose. As we journeyed together, the majority of our time was spent supporting her in leaving an unfulfilling relationship. Something that wasn’t even on the table when we met. At some point she became a bit annoyed that nothing had emerged, but it soon became clear that her purpose for the moment was to release this relationship that was no longer serving her.

At times our calling can be staring us in the face and we completely miss it, like the courageous woman who reached out to me and shared how she had cured herself of cancer by changing her eating habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. During our conversation, she was pained over not being able to figure out what she was here to do. I pointed out how she’d been given the greatest training of her life, and the path was now set for her to go forth and teach others how to do the same. This shift in perspective was the key to setting her free!

Life is always happening now, so whatever is showing up to be resolved is our purpose at hand. The lessons, revelations and growth from these usually challenging experiences is what’ll clear the path to make room for our ultimate calling to be revealed.

When I was desperately seeking to live my mission, nothing was happening in that department because my energy was split. My pressing dominant issue was attracting a divine partner. The moment that was resolved, I was cleared to move on.

I share these stories with you today, because, like many, you may be struggling with this big question as well. If so, take a look at what are, or have been some of the greatest challenges you’ve overcome. This could be the gateway to you helping others do the same, thus fulfilling one of your many purposes.

Happy exploring, and I’d love to hear how it goes!

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