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Are you paying attention to the signs?

Whenever we ask, it is given. It may be in the form of an opportunity for growth and expansion.

As I contemplated the path to manifesting our intentions this year, I found myself asking how can we best set ourselves up to make them come to fruition?

The response I received was, “our desires usually come in the form of an opportunity for growth”.

Not the answer I was looking for, in the least! No wonder I got annoyed every time I heard “ask and you shall receive.”

However, as I look back on how I manifested a few things in my life, the pattern couldn’t be denied. In the words of Tony Robbins "success leaves clues."

I wanted to share my message with the world, and the opportunity showed up for me to study with a mentor to work through my stage fright and self-doubt.

I wanted to meet my soul mate, and the opportunity came through countless unfulfilling and failed relationships, so I could learn to value my worth.

I was desperate to live my purpose, and the opportunity came through stepping out in faith to serve others so I could build confidence and trust in my gifts and talents.

What opportunities are showing up in your life for growth and expansion that you might be missing?

While we'll always receive what we ask for, if it serves our highest good. Chances are, it'll not show up in the way we expect.

That’s why it’s important that we pay attention to the signs, because once we ask, things will be put into motion.

Three simple steps to guide you on your way.

  1. Pay attention to the subtle messages that may show up in the form of a book, class, coach and yes, repetitive nudges and challenges

  2. Act on what presents itself, even in the smallest way. This will require quite a bit of courage to go outside of your comfort zone, whether to go after something you desire or leave something that’s no longer serving

  3. Trust that you are worthy and deserving of receiving your good.

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